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Are you looking for events with a variety of experiences without having to travel far? Welcome to our events!

1. Lê Mai Artisanal Soap

  • Learn how to combine different scent notes with white tea, black tea, or green tea.
  • Take home a 10ml bottle of your own handmade essential oil.
  • For only 250,000 VND, you can become a "scent wizard".

2. KEIKA - Perfume Playground

  • Create your own unique perfume based on your emotions.
  • With over 120 different fragrances.
  • For only 125,000 VND, you can own a 10ml bottle of your own distinctive perfume.

3. HERBology - Space and Sense

  • Experience a variety of herbal combinations with different tea flavors:
  • Lap Xuan: beginning of spring, the universe enters a new cycle of circulation, awakening for a vigorous rebirth.
  • Vu Thuy: in the spring breeze, the gentle rain moistens everything.
  • Bach Lo: dawn breaks, the weather turns cool. Dew drops on the grass welcome the warm early morning sun.
  • Dai Han: the last cold spell of the year marks the rebirth of all things.
  • For only 44,000 VND +++ and exciting tea experiences.


  • Taste new sweet flavors - not from refined sugar.
  • Suggest new options for healthier desserts.
  • From cakes made of Earl Grey tea, Matcha, flower tea ... familiar but unique in taste and texture.

5. Nany's House

  • Make 4 wagashi cakes (the dessert of the Japanese upper class) with Baroness tea and matcha green tea fillings.
  • Super yummy tea break from HERB.
  • Learn more about the origin and ingredients of wagashi.
  • Limited to 11 participants per session at a price of 300,000 VND / person. Registration link: https://forms.gle/C9udyk528nwdjg6o7

6. Truong Xuan An

  • Experience the "Five Fragrant Tea Festival" - a unique Vietnamese tea culture. The tea table is made of stone with 5 hollows for 5 types of fresh flowers, underneath is charcoal to warm the stone tray for the flowers to release their fragrance. When the flowers are heated, the fragrance is captured in the tea cups. After brewing, pour the tea into the cups placed on top of the flowers, guests taste the tea and guess the flower fragrance in the cup.
  • Individual ticket: 80,000 VND / person.
  • Group ticket (5 people): 150,000 VND / 5 people.

7. Especially on March 25th, the theme "MẠN" - throughout the tea fortune-telling activity, you will:

  • Learn how to use tea.
  • Learn how to look at and recognize tea leaves.
  • Learn how to interpret images in tea leaves.
  • Learn how to connect images in the same tea leaf.
  • For only 50,000 VND +++, come and have fun predicting your future.

This is a very interesting series of events that you cannot miss. Register now to become a part of the event and enjoy the wonderful experiences with us!


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